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Shocking Revelation: Sam Asghari’s Candid Confession on Britney Spears Split Leaves Fans Stunned!

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Sam Asghari has publicly addressed his divorce from his wife Britney Spears for the first time. The 29-year-old model and fitness trainer took to his Instagram Stories on Thursday to discuss the recent separation.

“After six years of love and commitment to each other, my wife and I have chosen to conclude our shared journey,” he indicated, referring to their split. “We will hold onto the love and respect we have for each other, and I wish her all the best.”

He added, “Difficult circumstances arise,” continuing to share his perspective on the situation.

Asghari also appealed for privacy during this period. He expressed, “I understand that requesting privacy might seem [unreasonable], so I’ll simply request that everyone… be kind and considerate.” His representative, Brandon Cohen from BAC Talent, also responded to rumors surrounding the separation with a statement provided to PEOPLE magazine.

“Numerous allegations suggest that Sam is contesting the prenuptial agreement and making threats to exploit his former spouse with videos,” he clarified. “However, all these allegations are baseless, as he has never had any negative intentions toward her and never will. Sam has consistently supported her and will continue to do so.”

As of now, a representative for Spears has not yet responded to requests for comment on the matter.

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While Spears, aged 41, has not directly shared her feelings about the breakup, she did make her first Instagram post shortly after reports emerged that Asghari had filed for divorce. In the post, she announced her plans to acquire a horse.

“Planning to get a horse soon 🐴 !!! There are so many options, it’s quite a challenge !!!” Spears conveyed to her 42 million followers while posing with a horse.

However, there was no mention of her estranged spouse in the post.

An insider, speaking exclusively to PEOPLE, shared that despite the circumstances, the singer remains upbeat.

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Numerous sources confirmed on Wednesday that Spears and Asghari had decided to part ways after a marriage lasting 14 months. Asghari also submitted his divorce paperwork on the same day, as per information obtained by PEOPLE.

According to documents revealed on Thursday, Asghari cited irreconcilable differences as the grounds for their divorce and listed July 28 as the separation date. His filing included a request for spousal support and that the pop star covers legal expenses. The filing also notes that Asghari retains the option to revise petitions regarding property and shared assets.

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The couple’s initial encounter occurred in 2016 on the set of Spears’ “Slumber Party” music video, culminating in their wedding in June 2022.

However, by February, sources close to Spears expressed concerns about her well-being.

Whispers of marital discord began circulating in March, though Asghari’s representative quashed those rumors at the time.

When addressing photographs that displayed Asghari and Spears without their wedding rings, Cohen informed PEOPLE that Asghari removed his ring while filming a movie.

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